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This device is designed for educational use. It is intended to be used by students or hobbyists and not by professionals. This device and the example software is provided as is and should never be used in any circumstance where it is left unattended or could jeopardise the safety of someone.

The purpose of this device is to give students or hobbyists the possibility to connect a high resolution wideband oxygen (O2) sensor to their projects or assignments. Adding accurate data, such as the oxygen content in a closed loop control environment will help students or hobbyists to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly combustion based solutions. All the necessary software examples to get started is available on our GitHub page.

Board features Which sensors is compatible?

All sensors of the type Bosch LSU 4.9 is compatible with the Bosch CJ125 lambda controller thus compatible with this device. This is one of the most widely used sensor in cars with wideband lamda control. Make sure you always connect it with the intended connector as this contains a laser calibrated resistor for accurate readings. If you want to purchase a compatible sensor we recommend the Bosch model 0 258 017 025.

What is included? What is NOT included?
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